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Proven, reliable and multipurpose

The H135M (formerly known as the EC635 T2e/P2e) is the enhanced military version of Airbus’ three-tonne-class EC135 twin-engine rotorcraft for operations in today’s modern battlefield. 

Power and flexibility

Thanks to a highly adaptable airframe, the H135M is capable of performing a large variety of missions, including armed scout, training, command/control and utility.


The military workhorse

The H135M’s diverse selection of optional equipment – including an incremental weapons system – makes this aircraft extremely versatile and the perfect platform for duties such as armed scout, light utility, command and control, and training missions.

Its large, unobstructed cabin, oversized sliding side doors and rear clamshell doors enable rapid loading/unloading – even with the rotors turning – which facilitates operations during time-sensitive missions.

The proven performer

Fitted with Airbus’ signature Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor and bearingless main rotor, this twin-engine helicopter delivers excellent performance, range and payload capacity.

The sophisticated avionics system, which features Airbus innovations such as the vehicle and engine multifunction display (VEMD), ensures that pilots focus exclusively on their mission. These technologies dramatically simplify the pilot’s workload, while increasing mission efficiency and flight safety.

The H135M has a choice of two engine types: Safran’s Arrius 2B2plus and Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PWC 206B3, both fitted with full authority digital engine control (FADEC).


With a mechanically-resilient design – including redundant electrical, oil cooling and hydraulic systems, as well as a large array of optional defensive equipment – the H135M provides a reference in survivability. In addition, the crashworthy and energy-absorbing fuselage was designed to support passenger and crew safety.


Armed scout and ground fire support

The H135M’s compact size and low sound level make this light twin-engine military helicopter a discreet platform in armed scout military operations.

The aircraft is offered with a stand-alone weapon system (SAWS) that incorporates a multi-purpose mission computer; an electro-optical system with infrared/TV camera and laser rangefinder for observation and laser designation; a ballistic targeting system; and two multi-purpose weapon pylons.

The easily removable multi-purpose pylons allow symmetrical as well as asymmetrical armament configurations, with twin air-to-ground INGWE missile launchers, 12-tube and 7-tube 70 mm unguided rocket launchers, a 20-mm cannon pod and 12.7-mm machine gun pod, along with potential for laser-guided rockets and air-to-air missiles.

In addition, two door-mounted 7.62 mm machine guns installed in the cabin provide protection during escort and extraction/insertion of troops in permissive environments.


Thanks to its roomy cabin, the H135M can accommodate long cargo through the rear clamshell or side doors. In single pilot configuration, an internal volume of 5.9 m3/208.38 ft3 is available for utility missions.

Fitted with an external hook, it is a true workhorse and can provide up to an additional 1,300 kg/2,866 lb sling load transport capacity with a take-off weight of 3,000kg/6,614lb.

Up to six passengers and two pilots can be accommodated in the H135M with the large, unobstructed windshield affording excellent visibility.


The H135M’s spacious and unobstructed interior, flat floor and rear access doors for the loading and unloading of stretchers and medical equipment enable this helicopter to perform highly demanding medical evacuation and casualty evacuation (MEDEVAC/CASEVAC) missions.

Key features are the ability to perform both side and rear loading of patients, the airlift of two prone patients with state-of-the-art stretcher systems, the use of foldable stretchers for easy stowage, and the integration of medical equipment and devices for in-flight medical support up to intensive care.


Equipped with a state-of-the-art cockpit and advanced technologies, the H135M offers the optimal safety conditions for basic and advanced training, while providing a platform that allows pilots to efficiently evolve to more complex helicopters.

The intuitive human-machine interface benefits from Airbus’ vehicle and engine multifunction display (VEMD) and its first limit indicator (FLI) – which provide information on available power in any condition and the power margin in all engines operative (AEO) and one engine inoperative (OEI) situations.

The H135M is easy to fly, requires minimal maintenance, and has low fuel consumption for low operating costs and affordable training.


Photos and Videos

German Armed Forces reach 90,000 flight hours with H135 training helicopter    
H135M DIGIT 03678R 1    
H135M DIGIT 03680R 1    
H135M DIGIT 03594 1    
H135M DIGIT 03591 1    
H135M DIGIT 03590 1    
H135M CDPH 1803 033 1    

H135M news

German Armed Forces reach 90,000 flight hours with H135 training helicopter


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