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A platform-interchangeable, onboard weapon system

HForce is a generic weapon system that can be fitted onto any military versions of Airbus Helicopters’ commercial helicopter range (H125M, H145M, H225M).

HForce offers defence agencies which are already equipped with attack helicopters a means to complement their fleet. For customers in the early stages of military outfitting, the system’s incremental and realistic options address a range of practical needs.


Plug ’n play
Drawing on experience with the Tiger attack helicopter, Airbus Helicopters has developed an off-the-shelf solution to address customers’ armament needs. Conceived as a plug ’n play system, HForce’s core hardware is interchangeable from one helicopter to another. Software is specific to each helicopter, as are fixtures for the weapon pods. Armament can be exchanged between helicopters.

This innovative system integrates any kind of weapon (air-to-air, air-to-ground, ballistic or guided) onto any kind of commercial helicopter in the Airbus Helicopters military range. The technically-advanced solution takes into account the different aspects of firing accuracy: weapon recoil, center of gravity, ground clearance or vehicle separation.



With HForce, an accurate weapon system providing reliable and affordable military capabilities is now available for military helicopters from our commercial range. 

  • One central “core” unit which can be used regardless of the aircraft type
  • Monocular HMSD and EOS
  • Gunner armament grips
  • Weapons pods:

- Ballistic: machine gun, cannon, rocket

- Guided: laser-guided rockets, air-to-ground missile, air-to-air missile


Full operating spectrum

  • HForce covers the entire operational spectrum:


  • Tanks, armoured vehicles, troops, fire support to troops in contact


  • Aircraft, drones, attack helicopters


  • Maritime counter terrorism and counter piracy speedboats


  • Cannon 20mm
  • Machine gun 12.7mm
  • Rocket 68 and 70mm


  • Laser-guided rocket
  • Air-to-ground missile
  • Air-to-air missile


Addressing today’s requirements for counter-terrorism and special forces deployment, HForce adapts helicopters for a wide array of missions.

Armed scout

  • Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Target acquisition
  • Reconnaissance


  • Deep ops (depending on type of helicopter)
  • Fire support
  • Attack & defence
  • Escort



  • Maritime counter terrorism
  • Air movement
  • Combat recovery
  • Fire support


Maritime security:

  • Maritime counter terrorism



  • Law enforcement


Incremental and modular

An easy-installation weapon system (including dedicated computer) for any military version of any commercial Airbus Helicopters platform which fits requirements.

Option 0: Fixed parts & capabilities; structural parts and harnesses (A kits). Limits the retrofit to installation of removable parts (B kits).

Option 1: Ballistic armed scout (Pilot firing with HMSD)

Option 2: Ballistic light attack (Gunner firing with EOS or pilot firing with HMSD)

Option 3: Ballistic + guided light attack (Gunner firing with EOS or pilot firing ballistic with HMSD)

HForce’s flexible architecture permits retrofits of any available armament integration.

Crew resource management

HForce enables a drastic reduction of workload thanks to experience gained from crew resource management on Tiger helicopters. With the HForce system in place, crew manage the helicopter’s weapons while the pilot flies, exactly like in an attack helicopter.

Making the most of Airbus Helicopters’ experience in firing or operating any kind of weapon safely from any military version of our commercial range, a series of options is available for both pilot and gunner firing, with EOS and HMSD.

Competitive solution

Aircraft retrofitted with the basic “Fitted for but not with” capability (option 0) can become potential light attack helicopters, ready for weapons installation at any time.

HForce arms multipurpose helicopters with the entire operational spectrum, allowing militaries that cannot invest in specialized helicopters to complete light attack missions. 

Defence agencies gain more flexibility in the management of their weapon stock because weapon pods allow arms to be interchanged from one aircraft to another.



Airbus Helicopters completes first firing campaign with HForce-equipped H145M

Airbus Helicopters completes first firing campaign with HForce-equipped H145M

First firing campaign
Airbus Helicopters completes first firing campaign with HForce-equipped H145M

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