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The multi-purpose EC145’s high-and-hot evolution

Designed to deliver excellent performance throughout the flight envelope, Airbus’ H145 is the latest member of its 4-tonne-class twin-engine rotorcraft product range – with designed-in mission capability and flexibility, especially in high and hot operating conditions. Compact in size, this helicopter’s small footprint and large, flexible cabin make it the aircraft of choice for a variety of civil missions.

An aircraft of choice

The best-selling H145 family (BK117, EC145 and H145) has close to 1,300 helicopters in service around the world and has clocked in approximately 5 million flight hours.


Versatile and proven

The H145 joins Airbus’ multi-purpose EC145/BK117 family, from which some 1,100 rotorcraft are in service worldwide – logging a combined total of more than four million flight hours.

Bringing a large cabin, a compact airframe, and powerful engines, the H145 responds to a multitude of mission needs.

Enhancements incorporated in the H145 include Airbus’ innovative Helionix® avionics suite and 4-axis autopilot; increased performance through its Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2E; an anti-torque system with the latest version of the company’s signature Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor; and a new tail gearbox as well as an upgraded main gearbox.

Flexible and capable

The H145’s designed-in modularity and large unobstructed cabin with flat floor contribute to the helicopter’s flexibility for a full range of applications, accommodating up to 8 passengers in standard configuration and 10 passengers in a higher density configuration, plus one or two pilots.

This multi-purpose rotorcraft can be tailored for emergency medical services and law enforcement duties, along with aerial work, passenger transport - including private and business aviation - and offshore operations. For multi-mission operators, the H145 can be reconfigured for different roles quickly and easily.

Performance multiplied

The H145’s enhanced Arriel 2E power plant and dual full-authority digital engine control (FADEC) – along with the helicopter’s upgraded main and tail rotor systems – guarantee an unprecedented level of performance in both hover and one-engine inoperative (OEI) conditions.

The Fenestron technology brings to the H145 benefits such as improved flight and ground safety, enhanced anti-torque control efficiency, reduced power demand in forward flight, and lower noise and vibration levels.

For its use on the H145, the Fenestron has a new-design tail gearbox with lower maintenance costs, and incorporates a duplex tail rotor actuator and dual hydraulic circuits – installed in a new, damage-tolerant all-composite tail boom.

Enhanced safety

Airbus’ new Helionix® avionics suite provides undisputed superiority for in-flight envelope protection, pilot assistance and situational awareness – resulting in unprecedented flight safety levels.

Meeting the latest international avionics standards, the Helionix installation incorporates the most innovative alerting and self-monitoring system.

Additionally, the H145 is equipped with the most advanced dual-duplex, four-axis autopilot specifically designed for helicopters. This offers high flight stability and precision, unique flight envelope and over-limit protection, automated takeoff, and fully-coupled approaches to hover, among other benefits.

Further contributing to operational safety are the rotorcraft’s high-set main rotor and tail boom, and the Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor.

A “maintenance-friendly” helicopter

Building on Airbus’ extensive experience gained with the BK117/EC145 helicopter family, the H145’s maintenance procedures optimise the intervals between periodical inspections, ensuring increased availability and reduced operating costs.

The optional helicopter usage monitoring system (HUMS) keeps track of the engine’s health in accordance with usage conditions, resulting in further availability and enhanced cost-effective maintenance.

Additional information is available at HCare Services.


Law enforcement

The H145 is always “ready for duty,” capable of being equipped with a modern mission management system for law enforcement operations.

Fast and reliable, the helicopter can rapidly transport up to 9 officers to the scene. It is likewise ideal for the transport of special forces.

Primary roles include patrol, surveillance, and rescue missions, supported by the roomy, flexible cabin, and installation of forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and daylight cameras that are controlled by an operator who also handles communications and data exchange with ground-based police resources.

Other equipment opportunities include a powerful searchlight, external hoist, and simultaneous external roping capability for two people – one on each side. Additional equipment includes a tactical mission management system, connectivity features and an EOS (electro-optical system) digital camera.

Further contributing to the helicopter’s operational flexibility is its night vision goggle-compatible cockpit with a night vision imaging system (NVIS).

Emergency medical services

Building on the worldwide use of Airbus’ H145 and predecessor BK117 in emergency medical services, the H145 is tailored for primary/secondary missions and intensive care transport – benefitting from the easy and safe loading/unloading of patients through wide side sliding doors and large rear clamshell doors.

Its spacious, unobstructed cabin was specifically designed to meet the requirements set by national medical regulatory agencies. The cabin accommodates one or two wheeled stretchers with partial or full suites of medical equipment for operation by up to three medical personnel. 

The helicopter benefits from multiple EMS cabin interiors, which were designed in cooperation with one of the world’s leading EMS providers.

Comfort for both patients and the crew is ensured with the H145’s turbine-smooth ride. The helicopter’s extremely low external sound levels allow neighborhood-friendly operations around hospitals and in urban areas. 

Offshore oil and gas transport

Long-range flight capability and the capacity to carry 10 passengers are attributes that make the H145 a natural for offshore oil and gas airlift missions.

Additional strengths include the helicopter’s high performance and small footprint. The H145 can operate in performance class 1 conditions, while its compact airframe can manoeuvre in the confined environments of oil and gas platform helipads.

Equipped with the complete offshore mission equipment package, the H145 is fully compliant with offshore standards. The equipment list includes an external hoist on both sides for offshore wind operations, a color weather radar, an emergency flotation system, helicopter emergency egress lighting (HEEL), and an automatic deployable emergency locator transmitter.

Private & Business Aviation

To differentiate its approach to Private & Business Aviation, Airbus Helicopters has introduced Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) – its exclusive brand offering an end-to-end service-based ownership experience.

ACH provides an exclusive platform from which customers can experience best-in-class corporate and VIP transport solutions, tailored completion, and service. ACH ensures that only the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship are on offer to customers.

The ACH range now features the ACH prefix: ACH125, ACH130, ACH135, ACH145, ACH160, and ACH175.

ACH145 offers maximum comfort and optimum working conditions through:

  • Easy cabin access
  • Spacious and stylish interior solutions with outstanding visibility
  • Highly effective sound proofing
  • Unmatched modularity of seating arrangements
  • Large cargo space

Please visit our dedicated website to learn more.

Aerial work

The H145’s power reserves enable this helicopter to perform a variety of aerial work duties facilitated by the wide cabin’s flat floors – which enable the loading of long and bulky goods – and the access provided through side and rear doors.

Among the utility applications is the servicing of offshore wind farms, which are being located increasingly farther out to sea – requiring the hoisting and hover performance provided by the H145.

Other uses include firefighting, the transfer of maritime pilots to arriving vessels and electronic newsgathering.


Photos and videos

Simulator H145 Training Academy    
Singapore Airshow 2018 - Static Display - Day 03    
H145 operated by Police Baden-Württemberg    
HTM Offshore receives 150th H145    
 H145 operated by ADAC in Bavaria    
H145 in EMS operations    
Simulator H145 Training Academy Int    
EXPH 1734 0139    
Simulator H145 Training Academy Ext    
EXPH 1732 0153    
H145 Flying Display - 24 June PAS 2017    
Beijing 999 signs agreement for the first H145 for medical rescue and SAR missions in China    
H145 is best in class for hoist operations with increased engine power    
The H145 for EMS activities flies over Thailand    
EXPH 1695 48    
H145 Helionix    
Airbus Helicopters showcases H135 Helionix at Heli-Expo alongside the ever popular H145 and H130    
First UKMFTS H135 Juno and H145 Jupiter Arrive in Britain    
First UKMFTS H135 Juno and H145 Jupiter Arrive in Britain    
First UKMFTS H135 Juno and H145 Jupiter Arrive in Britain    
Emergency care takes flight in the Land of the Midnight Sun      
H145 NRW police enters into service      
H145 VIP transport in New Zealand      
H145 Offshore Demo Wilhemshaven      
H145 reaches 6200 m in Bolivia      
H145 reaches 10,000 flight hours      
First H145 in police configuration delivered      
H145 Australian Tour      
H145 in Italian Alps – the INAER story      
H145 completes Bolivian and Peruvian demo tour      
H145 impressions: EMS in the Bavarian Alps      
H145 Brazil Demo Tour - Sao Paulo Police Testimony      

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Did you know?
1st certification of H145 original version 2001
Total H145 family helicopters delivered (all versions including BK117)
Total in service helicopters
more than 600 
Total cumulated flight hours (all versions including BK117) more than 4.3 million
Customers (all versions including BK117) some 240 customers in 55 countries
H145 family helicopters flying for EMS missions around 260
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