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Digital Services

Military Aircraft Services’ goal is to support our customers in all IS/IT aspects of their mission to improve their operational performance through secure Military Aircraft Services in-service support contracts. The value proposal relies on high-performance and integrated information management solutions (IS/IT).

Military Aircraft Services provides advanced IS/IT services and products to support the customer in improving its performance (IS/IT products, IS/IT integration services, development, consultancy). It also leverages privileged access to Military Aircraft Services platform data and information to provide our customers with superior information to optimise the management of their operations (data mining, business intelligence tools) through connected services.           

Military Aircraft Services currently provides advanced IS/IT services, products, integration, development and consultancy to help customers improve their operational performance. We have deployment-ready software and personnel to handle:

  •          Fleet management
  •          Support engineering
  •          Airworthiness
  •          Maintenance
  •          Procurement
  •          Supply, shipment and distribution
  •          Training and operations activities
  •          Warehouse management, cleansing and optimisation

If required, these can be provided at the customer’s site. Military Aircraft Services customers can download and access the aircraft technical data online. They can also give and receive support and manage materiel services online through a customer portal.

Whatever the platform, big data means big benefits. We convert the data into useful information for our customers.

Capitalising on Military Aircraft Services data (e.g. aircraft and maintenance systems data) through a connected fleet and applying the power of advanced analytics (e.g. big data, machine learning algorithms) to process and extract value from the data, we plan to offer advanced digital services like:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Maintenance plan optimisation
  • Deployment kits optimization

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