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Training  by Airbus

Training  by Airbus

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Reaching new horizons together

Training by Airbus provides state-of-the-art solutions to ensure safe, reliable and economically-efficient operations on all Airbus aircraft throughout their lifecycle. Airbus is on-hand to offer support every step of the way. 

A comprehensive and tailored training portfolio is designed and developed by Airbus for pilots, cabin crews, performance and operations engineers, maintenance personnel, and structure and repair specialists. Airlines and operators can rest assured that no matter what type of training they need, Airbus has the solution and is ready to work hand-in-hand to deliver results. The quality and dedication of Airbus’ passionate, highly-skilled and experienced workforce has shaped the implementation of innovative courseware, highly-qualified instructors and the most advanced training technologies available on the market; these are the pillars of the Airbus training offer.

Airbus offers flight, cabin crew and maintenance training. More info here.

Airbus cockpit experience (ACE)

For A350 XWB, Airbus has introduced a new type-rating course, with a significant change in the footprint compared to a traditional type conversion course. 

For the ground phase, trainees’ first encounter with the A350 XWB will be in a 3D virtual and interactive cockpit: Airbus Cockpit Experience (ACE) trainer, the essential brick of the new competency-based training philosophy. Then fixed-base (but high fidelity) APT+ and full-motion simulation put the trainee in a realistic virtual environment. 

Manual handling in the full-flight simulator (FFS) is introduced from the early stage of the course so trainees have more opportunities to practice throughout the course, and follow scenario-based flights towards the end of the course. 

Airbus Cockpit Experience (ACE) trainer is introducing simulation at a very early stage in the training course.

Worldwide coverage – training centre network

Airbus maintains a global network of training facilities to ensure it is close to where its customers are – wherever they operate around the world. Training by Airbus offers courses that cover all areas of aircraft operations, including flight crew, cabin crew, maintenance, flight operations and aircraft structure training.

Airbus training centres

Airbus training centres

The worldwide availability of Airbus’ training services and solutions brings Airbus expertise close to its customers


For flight crew, maintenance and flight operations courses, the new e-Training by Airbus combines the quality, expertise and innovation behind Airbus to provide a new training experience that continues to deliver the customary standard of excellence.

Airbus’ e-Training portfolio is extensive, with a complete set of courses covering flight crew, maintenance and flight operations courses, and will be progressively enhanced with new developments as they become available – ensuring customer operations will consistently remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to generate efficiency savings wherever possible. Airbus propose a flexible offer that ranges from access to Airbus e-Learning courses (on a pay-per-course basis) to a new service based on yearly subscriptions to Airbus e-Training libraries with a special focus on recurrent training.

Thanks to the introduction of a brand new and efficient learning management system (LMS), customers will benefit from cutting-edge features and access to innovative training media such as video courses (Airbus instructors-led videos) or interactive practical guided exercises.

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