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Cabin excellence

Cabin excellence

Airbus Corporate Jets

Create your own place in the sky

ACJ offers several cabins for certain aircraft that deliver key features while allowing customers to tailor their aircraft to their specific needs. This provides customers with valuable and efficient cabin solutions, retaining the customary comfort and class of an ACJ cabin.

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Cabin excellence



ACJ320neo melody

The Melody cabin concept for the ACJ320neo Family provides a unique experience by combining harmonious curves inspired by nature with unrivalled space, which allows individuals to take their lifestyles to the sky in a quiet and comfortable environment. 

Different cabin zones – which can be closed off for privacy – allow for greater freedom of movement in surroundings that display special design touches, including cabin walls dotted with an attractive honeycomb pattern to echo the carbon fibre materials used in the corporate jet’s construction.

Located in the jet’s forward section is a homely kitchen, as well as lounge with a 65-inch curved television screen – the largest available in an Airbus corporate jet. 

For superior in-flight relaxation, the Melody provides guests with a modern home-cinema featuring a large-screen television with subtly designed loudspeakers in the ceilings for the best acoustics. 

The ACJ320neo Melody makes full use of an extra-wide cabin to also offer a private master bathroom with a separate lavatory, shower and washbasin; a spacious bedroom with a large double bed and a sofa; and a conference and dining area in the main lounge that comfortably seats six passengers.

ACJ320neo Melody cabin_lounge

Harmonious lines provide a feeling of even greater space in the Melody cabin


Airbus is bringing a new look to the cabins of ACJ320neo Family corporate jets with the Melody concept, which combines the company’s deep understanding of customer requirements with a fresh design approach

ACJ319 elegance

Every corporate jet is unique and distinct, reflecting the character of its owner and their unique personality. To further meet the needs of their customers, Airbus has now introduced the ACJ319 Elegance, a new version that complements today’s fully customisable version.

The latest model offers customers simplicity, speed and savings in the cabin, and further enhances the range of aircraft interiors previously on offer. With the flexibility of design options, customers can decide what they need and where they need it; benefitting from a streamlined process that makes the design, development and delivery of their unique business jet as smooth and efficient as possible.

Comfort 17 April 2014

Airbus ACJ319 Elegance Lounge 2

The ACJ319 Elegance, a new version of Airbus’ ACJ319 corporate jet, allows customers to choose from a wide range of lounge, office, dining and conference modules

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Comfort 14 April 2014

Airbus ACJ319 Elegance Lounge

Airbus has launched a new version of its popular corporate jet, the ACJ319, offering customers simplicity, speed and savings in the cabin. Called ACJ319 Elegance, the new version complements today’s fully customisable version.

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Comfort 14 April 2014

Airbus A319 Elegance office

Airbus has launched a new version of its popular corporate jet, the ACJ319, offering customers simplicity, speed and savings in the cabin. Called ACJ319 Elegance, the new version complements today’s fully customisable version.

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ACJ319 elite

The Airbus ACJ319 Elite is a proven and fully optimised ACJ cabin. Pre-engineered for a fast entry into service, the ACJ319 Elite is furnished in half the time than similar-sized jets so that owners can start flying in comfort and style faster than ever before.

The ACJ319 Elite allows customers to choose from a range of layout options in addition to the comprehensive baseline cabin that has been designed to accommodate high expectations for both business and private needs. Reliability delivered, fast and excellent value for money.

Cabin outfitting for the ACJ319 Elite is carried out exclusively by Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg, Germany, which developed the concept as a turnkey project to complement the popular ACJ319.

ACJ330 summit

Continuing its reputation for incorporating innovation in the ACJ family, the company offers a Summit VIP cabin concept for the ACJ330.

ACJ330 Summit VIP cabin concept offers a faster and more affordable way to the greater capacity, capability and comfort of a widebody for both private and government customers; the concept features a VIP section at the front of the cabin, and airline-style seating at the rear.

Most customers want a VIP widebody to be able to carry more people and to fly them nonstop around the world. The ACJ330 Summit delivers more capacity, comfort, and capability of a widebody, and will do so faster and more affordably than competitors, by using a modern and proven solution.

The ACJ330 Summit features a bedroom with ensuite bathroom at the front, followed by an office, conference and dining room and working area; with airline-style first-class and economy seating at the rear.

The airline-style seating would be installed during production, which is faster and more cost-effective, while the concept can be tailored to meet customer needs.

ACJ330_Cabin 1

The ACJ330’s cabin has a length of 45.47 metres, with a 5.28-metre width and height of 2.41 metres

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